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A spiritual experience can be generated in a number of ways. For instance, meditating, reading an uplifting book, watching a mystical movie, taking a spiritual retreat, helping a friend, practicing a spiritual art, like Qigong, etc. Running, because of the runner's high, can also be a spiritual experience. Playing or listening to music, especially classical or spiritual music can have an uplifting effect.

Whatever the action one takes to create this spiritual experience, the action needs to be sustained in order to be effective on a continual basis.

Therefore, one of the keys to sustaining these spiritual experiences is to develop the habit of consistently carrying out the action that leads to the experience in the first place. You'll want to pick a time and carry out the action regularly.

In addition to consistency, finding spiritual resources or tools that can kickstart your journey to enlightenment is another smart way to generate experiences of a spiritual nature. Within this Spiritual Experience website you'll find spiritual articles and links on an ever-growing number of topics. Please feel free to take a spiritual journey through this spiritual site and hopefully it may give you some ideas to generate your next great spiritual experience.

I've also put together some spiritual articles and resources and combined them into a Spiritual Tools ebook that you can download for free. The links lead to a variety of spiritual resources, some free others that require a small investment.

Free Spiritual Tools Ebook

spiritual tools ebook Now you can quickly download this free spiritual tools ebook. It is filled with links and resources to a variety of the newest tools you can use to grow spiritually. Enliven your spiritual journey with some powerful resources that will keep you positive and motivated and accomplishing what you want in life.

Within this free spiritual ebook you'll also find links to free downloads of software and ebooks. If you have a website feel free to give this ebook away to your visitors.

Download your free copy of the Spiritual Tools Ebook by right clicking here. The ebook is in PDF format so can be enjoyed by both PC and Mac users.

For more spiritual tools you can use for spiritual growth click here. Be sure to bookmark that page as I'll be updating it often with the best spiritual tools you can benefit with.

Free Brandable Motivational E Book 50 Spiritual Movies - How Many Have You Seen?

50 spiritual movies

50 Spiritual Movies is a free spiritual e book freely brandable with your money-making affiliate links. The spiritual book is in PDF format so can be enjoyed by both PC and Mac users.

This ebook reviews spiritual movies, motivational movies and inspirational movies. You may also find reviews on metaphysical movies and even a reincarnation movie review. The ebook also reviews the Spiritual Cinema Circle a unique spiritual movies club that finds the best in spiritual cinema to share with its members.

Started by Stephen Simon, the Spiritual Cinema Circle, is a dvd movie club that is unique in the respect that it highlights films of a spiritual nature. If you've ever seen a Stephen Simon movie (like Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve or What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams) then you know what to expect. Although the films aren't primarily G-rated fare like you'd get with the very popular Disney Movie Club, they will often tug at your heart like the Disney movies.

There are no movie downloads with this spiritual cinema club. It is better than an ordinary online movie rental club in the respect that you never have to return the movies - they're yours to keep. Each month you'll receive a steady supply of spiritual cinema in the form of foreign films, short films or shorts, independent films, documentaries and feature length spiritual movies.

After joining the club, many have started a spiritual circle where they gather once a month to share these spiritual dvds.

What the online movie rental clubs have is lots of variety. If you are interested in more than just spiritual films try the industry leader Netflix.

The last time I looked the Spiritual Cinema site even had some inspirational and motivational movie clips. Click below to visit:

Spiritual Cinema Site

Now you can combine a fun-time at the movies with an opportunity for spiritual growth and enlightenment. Take a spiritual journey over to the 50 Spiritual Movies site now to check it out or if you need to contact us:

Click Here to go to the Spiritual Movies site.

While there you may want to read some of the great inspirational articles. Out of the hundreds of spiritual articles you'll find at this spiritual site, below are links to some of my favorites.

For more great spiritual articles Click here.

Now You Can Make Money and Help Others with Your Own Branded Copy of 50 Spiritual Movies - and it's Free!

Click here to get it now.

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Top Religious News From Around the World

Former Muslim Wants to See Change



Author and former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali spoke at the National Press Club on April 7th and said there needs to be five amendments to Islam. She said ?individuals? within Islam today are coming forth and admitting that Muhammad provides ?too much inspiration to too many bad people.?  Listen to her recommendations....

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Hispanics turning evangelical, Jews secular

Worship service attendance is up in New York City, but down among young adult Jews, according to recent studies. On the other hand, fewer Spanish-speaking teens are attending Catholic mass, but more are showing up at Evangelical churches.

A recent Barna study shows not only increased New York City church attendance, but growing numbers of ?born-again? Big Apple believers.?The findings defy not only stereotypes about ?godless? New Yorkers,? writes Mark Tooley, president of the...

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Billy Graham: I know where I?m going

?Daddy thinks the Lord will allow him to live to 95,? said Franklin Graham recently.

It was not a prophecy but a hope, Franklin explained, that he would live to see the beginning of a Christian renewal, a genuine heaven-sent revival in America. And so it was that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association invited pastors, theologians, and evangelical leaders from across the nation to unveil a new outreach emphasis called, ?My Hope with Billy Graham.?

Franklin Graham?s...

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Are All These Christians? Complaints of Persecution Just So Much Empty Whining?

The headlines are alarming: ?Catholic-Owned Company Wins Religious Freedom Court Decision,? ?Death Toll Rises to 65 in Boko Haram Attack on Students,? ?Little Sisters Catholic Charity Victimized By Obamacare,? ?Christians Sought Out, Murdered in the Kenyan Mall Massacre,? ?Judicial Watch Seeks Reason Why ?So Help Me God? Removed From U.S. Air Force Oath.?

But the media seems to yawn in disinterest. Why? Are all these claims of growing discrimination against...

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How can Christians defend themselves against today?s random violence?

So, a crazed gunman opens fire and you?re caught in the middle. How can you survive? Heroes come in all sorts of packages. And they wield all sorts of defensive weapons.

Such as guns and Jesus. Sometimes both at the same time.

When a disturbed young man marched into a Georgia grade school with an AK-47 and about 500 rounds of ammo, the quick thinking and warmth of school secretary Antoinette Tuff helped ensure his surrender before anyone got hurt. She says she prayed the entire...

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Does Sunday Morning Church Really Need All This Glitter, Showmanship and Gimm...

What?s wrong with church today? Are we in danger of turning worship into a flashy concert? Of watering down the message so nobody is offended? Of forgetting the simplicity of the Gospel?

I grew up with a preacher?s kid. He was a fake following in the footsteps of his flimflamming father who did a great Vegas-style act at the grand...

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Want a Good Movie for Your Youth Group?

What does it take to make a good Christian movie? ?Passion,? says Nicole Abisinio, producer of ?The Investigator,? based on the true-life story of comedian Ray Romano?s brother Rich.

In the long-running TV series ?Everybody Loves Raymond.? the character ?Robert? was loosely based on real-life cop Richard.

In real life, Rich, like Robert, is a policeman with a loving but quirky Italian Catholic family and a know-it-all high-profile brother. In the film, Rich?s...

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